One of Thenom Consulting’s key offerings is the provision of advisory services where clients are desirous business growth in markets where they are already operational.

The main key areas where the advisory services focuses on are:

Market penetration strategies

Market expansion

Product/services expansion

Diversification/Mergers & Acquisitions

The above are realised by exploring, amongst others, the following:

New product/services development in under-served markets.

Exploring participation in others sectors.

Developing alternative distribution channels to minimise cost of sales.

Customisation of the offering to suit the target market and sectors.

Selection of appropriate partners with relevant stakeholders to mitigate risk and enhance market penetration and competitiveness.

Diversification of services/products.

Competition analysis and implementation of mitigating measures, where necessary.

Capitalising on legislature and available facilities , such as rebates, export credit facilities, etc.

The advice from Thenoma Consulting could at times be to exit the market and pursue other opportunities where risk and prospects of growth are more probable.

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