New Market Entry

This service basically develops a market entry strategy which involves amongst others the following:

Where required, establish the investment costs for commencing services or establishing presence.

Identification of services to be provided as identified in the analysis of the market.

Identification of sectors and projects to be used as entry into the market.

Assist in the development of a growth strategy once entry into the market has been realized.

Assist in securing the entry appointments with relevant stakeholders in the targeted market.

A comprehensive market analysis, overall risks in operating in such a market, political and economic stability. This exercise will include all aspects pertinent to our client launching their businesses successfully, e.g. tax regimes, trading between home office and target market/country, etc.

Maintain an oversight over the development of the new market until client’s position is robust. Similarly, advice if the venture into the market have to be abandoned or strategies modified to suit the status quo.

Assisting the client to enter new markets through strategic positioning with the key select stakeholders.

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